August/September 2010 Thanksgiving List

A lot has happened the past couple of months, and I have let my blog remain idle while I processed a lot of things.  But there are quite a few things I am thankful for.

  1. Friends who want to see me get healthy
  2. Medications that work
  3. A strong network of support
  4. Upcoming vacations and visits
  5. Having insurance (and doctors willing to work with it)
  6. Sunshine
  7. Warm winter coats
  8. Getting regular sleep
  9. Friends with new babies and celebrations of new lives
  10. Laughter
  11. Rediscovering the joy of meeting new people
  12. Listening to people’s stories
  13. Prayer



July 2010 Thanksgiving List

  1. All of the wonderful birthday wishes
  2. Relaxing and low-key birthday celebrations
  3. People who listen to and remember my stories
  4. People who actually want to know how I am doing
  5. Laughter and inside jokes with good friends
  6. Apologies and forgiveness
  7. Unconditional love
  8. People who think I am “rad” for just being myself
  9. Good food
  10. Impromptu get-togethers with friends

May 2010 Thanksgiving List

  1. The ability to be inside on a grey and rainy day
  2. The amazing memories of the past 3 years living in Seattle
  3. Reconnecting with old friends
  4. Laughing so hard, your sides hurt
  5. Dishwashers
  6. Coffee with friends
  7. Celebrating with friends
  8. Hairstylists who listen to you
  9. People who like to ask questions and genuinely want to know how you are really doing
  10. Compliments out of the blue

11. April 2010 Thanksgiving list

  1. Having employment in this tough economic climate
  2. Having others invite me to join in life celebrations with them
  3. Strong bones
  4. Getting to see my grandparents, even if for only a day
  5. A VP  from work who really likes me, and I can joke with
  6. Fresh baked cookies
  7. Having a vehicle
  8. Having my own faith apart from my parents
  9. The ability of the human body to heal rapidly
  10. Working internet access

8. March 2010 Thanksgiving list

  1. Bus shelters when it’s raining really hard
  2. Phone dates with long-distant friends
  3. Books loaned by friends (thanks Jesse, you’ll be missed)
  4. People who pray for me
  5. Good hugs (the hold and squeeze kind)
  6. A full pantry with lots of options
  7. Running into people I know in many different parts of the city
  8. Quality dark chocolate
  9. Discovering new bookstores
  10. Having people in my life that give me good feedback/advice

3. February 2010 Thanksgiving list

I read on another blog recently where the author would write a list of ten things they were thankful for that previous month.  I really liked the idea because sometimes I forget how much God blesses me.
  1. Friends who take time and travel to come see me
  2. Grace from a friend in the midst of a difficult conversation
  3. Sunshine and good weather when you have out of town guests
  4. Vacations
  5. Coffee (I feel this is going to be a recurring one… 🙂 )
  6. A pastor who is not afraid of teaching about singleness
  7. Flowers on Valentines day
  8. The UPS driver who sometimes brings me chocolate
  9. Making new friends
  10. Getting real mail out of the blue