I had the opportunity to attend Emerald City Comic-Con two weekends ago.  It was a lot of fun, but I totally had to build in time to recharge the next day.  There was an expected amount of 80,000 people to attend over the 4 days, which was pretty insane.  People watching was fantastic with all of the various cos-play going on.

I loved wandering around and looking at all of the art.  There were a lot of neat pieces, and I love supporting the artists.   It was hard deciding what I wanted for my walls with so many choices.  It’s pretty amazing how much effort some people took to dress up as their favorite characters.  You could feel creativity ooze throughout the whole place.

I even had a fan girl moment when I met one of my favorite web comic artists.  Dave Kellett who writes Sheldon and Drive.  I was really excited when I got a free sketch in one of his books.

Overall it was an awesome experience.  Even with it being over-stimulating at times, I would do it again.  It was made even better by going with friends who I could nerd out with.  What more can a girl ask for.


Author: graceintherain

I'm follower of Christ learning about life, love, and grace in the rainy Northwest. I love coffee, good conversation, baking, and hanging out with my cat.

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