A New Season

I was having an evening of lots of thoughts running through my head, and as I sat, dumping things on paper, I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve really sat down to write.  And when I logged into my blog, and I realized that the last time that I had posted anything was 2 years ago, so definitely a very dry and challenging season in life.  I’ve found that I do well writing for a while, but I always seem to lose steam.  However, after an afternoon with friends that started with “Let’s play games for a couple of hours,” ending 5 hours later after some really deep and honest conversations about life, I felt encouraged to re-engage in something deeper.  Reminding me that my soul needs those types of connections and relationships.

Thinking about the past two years and all the transitions that had happened, I’m not surprised that I had withdrawn from engagement and really exploring life.  The company that I worked for since moving to Seattle went through a buyout, and an increasingly toxic work environment developed due to the new management.  I knew I needed to find a new job.  But first, I needed to find a new roommate, and after several frustrating months of interviewing people, I eventually had to find a place for me and my cat.  Apartment hunting and moving.  Next up: focusing on job hunting.  Company then imploded, leaving me unemployed, scrambling for a job.  Fortunately, I did some contract work to pay bills while I job hunted, so I could be picky, but it was several months of interviews and networking.  Then I started a new job in October (YAY!!), but training and meeting all sorts of new people was draining.

So yeah, a lot of life transitions.  And being an introvert, I had extended myself for such a long time with putting myself out there in both my home and work life, I had to take a lot of time to re-charge and heal from all of the stress.  My soul was so drained, but now, I’m feeling like I’m ready to tackle things that I have avoided.  Doing something new that challenges me.  Picking up a book that I can chew on, instead of just reading to escape.  Writing more.

My faith community has been so encouraging to me during this season.  Praying for me, listening, and allowing me to step back and take care of myself.  I would not have survived without them.

Now to proceed with care and to allow myself the grace when I need to rest.