1. Why start a blog? or Vulnerability is scary!

I’ve been toying with the idea for quite a while to start a blog.  The past few months I have been learning the importance and value of writing stuff down.  As a verbal processor, this has been a challenge.  I usually have to spit something out, talk about it, process it loudly before I come to a conclusion (my poor roommate and my friends…it’s a good thing that they love me).   I hope that having a public forum such as a blog will help me keep accountable in that area of my life.  I tend to shy away from sharing a lot with those I don’t know very well.  Being vulnerable is very scary.  The definition of vulnerable is: “capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon”.  Why would I want to be vulnerable if I was open to attack?  But I’ve discovered that when you are open to attack, you are also open to receiving the good things that God wants you to receive.  It can be incredibly freeing if you aren’t constantly hiding behind a mask.  No matter how much I repeat this mantra though, some days I still want to hide behind that mask.  I don’t want others to see my messiness and I don’t want to be wounded.  But I do want to be free.  Free to receive love and grace.  Free to be known fully and completely.  You can’t be known fully unless you are vulnerable.  Scariness, here I come!


Author: graceintherain

I'm follower of Christ learning about life, love, and grace in the rainy Northwest. I love coffee, good conversation, baking, and hanging out with my cat.

2 thoughts on “1. Why start a blog? or Vulnerability is scary!”

  1. Your friends do love you. Very much. I think you’ll find blogging to be quite rewarding. Of course, I’m a semi-biased writer so you may want a second opinion =).

    Wishing you “Traveling Mercies” as you wander through life and the wonderful process of writing it all down!

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